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Bella Aurora’s Bio 10 Oil Free Anti-Blemish Serum is an intensive depigmenting shock treatment developed specifically for combination or oily skin. This anti-spot treatment combats all types of skin blemishes, whether diffuse or localized, and is capable of eliminating and preventing them.

Its most lethal weapon is its depigmenting active ingredients such as Soya Extract, Mitracarpa Extract, Bearberry Extract, Betaine, Calcium Sulfonate, and Vitamin C. It also contains Lactic Proteins and Natural Mica Pigment, two ingredients that will help you recover a radiant and uniform skin. Its main benefits?


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Improves hydration. Increases skin nutrition. Deeply regenerates. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Tightens the skin instantly. Diminishes puffiness and dark circles. What is Bella A

Bella Aurora Bio 10 Protect Sensitive Skin 30 ml is an anti-spot serum specialized for sensitive skin for the shock treatment of dark spots, hormonal, solar, post-inflammatory marks.

Bella Aurora Moisturizing Eye Contour 15 ml Bella Aurora Anti-dark circles and anti-fatigue eye contour treatment. With the combination of active ingredients helps to intensely moisturize the most fragile part of the eye contour.

Bella Aurora Anti-Wrinkle Cream + Firming Age Solution SPF 15 BELLA AURORA Anti-wrinkle and firming of the facial oval through the synergistic combination of soy glycopeptides + pro-retinol.

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Bio 10 Forte by Bella Aurora is an intensive depigmenting treatment for dry skin that directly targets the cells responsible for the production of melanin. Thus, it effectively eliminates blemishes, leaving a smooth and even tone.

The anti-spot treatment provides hydration, firmness and prevents the appearance of new imperfections. At the same time, it protects the skin with its SPF +20 sunscreen. All this thanks to an exclusive combination of active ingredients treated with the selected B-CORE 221TM depigmenting technology. Its results have been tested under dermatological control and it is hypoallergenic.

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Bella Aurora BIO 10 anti-spot lightening is an intensive and effective shock treatment for the elimination of dark spots on the skin. Results are visible from the 6th week of use.

It lightens the complexion and unifies the skin tone, providing luminosity.  Bella Aurora Anti-spots is an ideal base for moisturizing and anti-aging makeup with hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients that reduce wrinkles, prevent the loss of elasticity and the appearance of other signs of skin aging.

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