Frezyderm sunscreen for oily skin

That’s why it’s important to always have an effective, high quality, high protection sunscreen like FrezyDerm’s Sun Screen Color Velvet Face on hand. If you are also one of those people who find it hard to get color on your face, this sunscreen is ideal for you.

Facial skin is especially vulnerable to ultraviolet rays because it is thinner and more sensitive than body skin. As a result, it tends to burn more quickly and, in addition, the harmful effects of the sun promote the appearance of spots and wrinkles in the future.

Frezyderm Sun Screen Color Velvet Face SPF 50+ 50 ml is a sunscreen that offers high protection against sun exposure. The feature that sets Sun Screen Color Velvet Face apart from other products is that it also provides an extra touch of color.

Thanks to the innovative “Second Skin” technology, you will have the feeling that you are wearing an invisible “second skin” rather than a sunscreen. Its soft and velvety feel blends perfectly with natural skin as it is an oil-free product.

Frezyderm sunscreen how to use

this was my choice. You can see the sandals in more detail in this post. They barely have a heel and I find them very comfortable to walk for hours, but I was aware that I needed a shoe that would give me a little more style for the wedding.

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I told you that I was making the most of the summer with the “Rio, Rio” palette fromSleek that I showed you this week on the blog. So much that I have not only photographed the step by step tutorial that you could see

I can publish on the blog some of these images as a summary. As they are already edited it will take me less time and maybe some of you can also use them as a guide to make up.

Frezyderm sunscreen color velvet review

The sunscreen product line consists of more face and body care products of different SPF. I have 3 products in my possession: two face care products, one with color and one without color (you can see them in the image above); and another body sunscreen also SPF 50+. Although it seems incredible, I have won the three products in different sweepstakes and for the moment I still have to try the facial sunscreen without color that I have reserved for this winter. I hope it surprises me as much as the one I recommend today. I am very clear that I am going to repeat with it, I will look for where to buy it no matter what it costs because it will be my “I love you” for many more summers.

Another longlasting that had to be mine is shade 38. I was looking for a cream shadow in taupe and I found this affordable option at Kiko. Besides having that base color that looks so good on its own, it has gold sparkles that make it even more special.

This collection is composed, as usual, of three different products: an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and a palette of three blushes, all of them inspired by the nautical, sailor style, as you can see in the packaging they have chosen for the collection (blue, white and red stripes and the anchor symbol).

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Frezyderm spf 50 velvet face sunscreen ingredients

As you’ve noticed in the primor sunscreen compilation, you’ve found many products that you might not have discovered before, which is probably why you’ve been so handy seeing new options to buy. We would like to remind you of four reasons why buying a product listed in this compilation is a good idea:

2nd Reason: There are many people who enjoy going shopping, strolling around town or getting advice from the shopkeeper. Although it could also happen that you have to comply with a long queue and carry everything you bought all the way home. When you buy online you save the queue, you make the purchase when you want and you have it at the door of your house, in a few days. It has few inconveniences!

3rd Observation: It could happen that what you want to find, it is very probable that you are not going to find it in any conventional store, however, if you find it On-line. As you can imagine, conventional stores do not make offers as good as those available in an online store. Most of the time, buying online is usually cheaper!

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