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Whenever we refer to Ibiza we always talk about its sunsets, its parties, its beaches… and we forget something fundamental, one of the most typical things you can do if you visit it: try some of its gastronomic delicacies.

There is a wide variety of dishes, desserts and drinks in Ibiza 100% of the land, but if we have to choose there is a flavor that will remain etched in your memory: that of a good bullit de peix (boiled fish in Spanish).

Now you are free to share your gastronomic review about the delicacy you have just eaten in Ibiza. At the very least we are convinced that you have not tasted anything like it before.  If you have the chance to try it in a beach restaurant, don’t miss it. It will be an unbeatable experience.

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The gastronomy of each region is strongly influenced by the raw materials that are found around it. Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands, has a gastronomic tradition that is, of course, linked to the sea.

The seafaring tradition of Ibiza tells us that this recipe comes from the old Ibizan fishermen, who took advantage of the fish that they had not been able to sell and cooked it in their own boats. Hence the Bullit de peix is made with such a varied mixture of rock fish.

The Bullit de Peix is a stew in which, as its name suggests, fish predominates. To be more specific, rock fish, which is characterized by living near rocky areas that can be at different depths.

Within this category of fish we can find groupers, rapes, roosters or scorpion fish, which we will find in many of the Bullits we try in Ibiza. Even so, and as tradition dictates, the Bullit de Peix is elaborated with the ingredients that we have at our disposal being able to vary some of these fish depending on their availability.

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El Bullit de Peix es uno de los platos de pescado más representativos de nuestra gastronomía. Es una versión moderna del Guisat de Peix, un plato tradicional que los pescadores preparaban en sus barcos cuando estaban en el mar

El Bullit de Peix se come en dos tiempos: la primera parte consiste en pescado y patatas bañadas con una ligera salsa de alioli, mientras que la segunda parte lleva arroz cocido en el caldo de pescado derivado de la primera etapa. Una obra en dos actos con un delicioso final. ¿Te animas a prepararlo? Lo que sigue es la verdadera y más tradicional receta del Bullit de Peix en Ibiza:

Comenzamos la preparación del Bullit de Peix con una buena base consistente en un sofrito de ajos, sepia y pimientos salteados. A este sofrito le añadimos un caldo de pescado previamente elaborado y esperamos a que empiece a hervir. Una vez que el caldo esté hirviendo, añadimos el pescado, las patatas y las judías y dejamos que hiervan durante unos 20 minutos. Después, colocamos el pescado, las patatas y las alubias cocidas en una fuente y lo cubrimos con una salsa alioli ligera, preparada previamente con parte del caldo de pescado.

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– 1,2 Kg. of rock fish (scorpion fish, grouper,…)- 8 medium sized potatoes- 1 onion- 1 tomato- 1 green pepper- 4 cloves of garlic- 150 grams of green beans- 2 artichokes- Parsley- Oil- Saffron- Salt- Pepper

Our work is aimed at raising awareness among our population in general, from schools to professional and institutional bodies, of the importance of preserving our authenticity, ensuring a concept of sustainable tourism that at the same time prioritizes cultural wealth and traditions, order, cleanliness and the natural environment.

We want the Fomento de Ibiza to be a forum for open debate, bringing together general interests, reaching a consensus on strategies and stimulating the association of professionals, workers, companies and entities from all economic and social spheres of the island.

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