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Fortunately, and in spite of the havoc it causes, the State has so far never managed to completely destroy the impulse that the free initiative of human beings generates, making the development of civilization possible.

Many thanks to Gabriel Calzada, Óscar Vara, Carlos Rodríguez Braun, Miguel Anxo Bastos Boubeta and Juan Ramón Rallo for their kind and, at times, very moving words; many thanks to the Juan de Mariana Institute for awarding me this prize, which for me is the most important one they could give me; and, above all, many thanks to the three hundred friends and lovers of freedom present at this event.

And the truth is that, looking back, I realize that I have always felt very fulfilled and happy doing what I have done for freedom. And that without a doubt I should consider myself a very lucky person and I should be very grateful for many reasons:

(d) Very fortunate, finally, for the noble scientific tradition of which I am heir, to the extent that I consider that everything I have achieved, if I have achieved anything at all, everything I have written and contributed, more than my own merit, is the merit of the noble Austrian School of Economics. To have come into contact with it is one of the best things that have happened to me in my life, and it is due to a series of coincidences, such as discovering and acquiring in September 1973 a copy of Mises’ Human Action which I read in one sitting, or having been invited to participate from the beginning in the Austrian seminars at Luis Reig’s house.

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“For Austrian theorists, economic science is conceived as a theory of action rather than of decision, and this is one of the characteristics that most differentiates them from their neoclassical colleagues. Indeed, the concept of human action encompasses and far surpasses the concept of individual decision. In the first place, for Austrians the relevant concept of action includes not only the hypothetical decision process in an environment of “given” knowledge about ends and means, but above all, and this is the most important, “the very perception of the system of ends and means” within which the economic allocation that neoclassicals study in an exclusive manner takes place.

For this reason, Austrians are particularly critical of the narrow conception of economics that has its origin in Robbins and his well-known definition of economics as a science that studies the utilization of scarce means susceptible of alternative uses for the satisfaction of human needs(4). Robbins’ conception implicitly assumes a given knowledge of ends and means, so that the economic problem is reduced to a technical problem of mere allocation, maximization or optimization, subject to restrictions that are also assumed to be known. In other words, Robbins’ conception of economics corresponds to the heart of the neoclassical paradigm and is completely alien to the methodology of the Austrian School as it is understood today.

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Among his best known contributions are his theoretical analysis of the entrepreneurial function and the “impossibility of socialism”, presented in his book Socialismo, Cálculo Económico y Función Empresarial.[13] Also noteworthy are his contributions to the development of the Austrian Theory of the economic cycle in his book Dinero, Crédito Bancario y Ciclos Económicos and the elaboration of the theory of dynamic efficiency in his book The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency.[14] [15] [16] [16] [16] [17] [18] [19] [19

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Huerta de Soto has managed to create a nurtured school of young academics and disciples. Among them are professors and doctors Philipp Bagus, Miguel Ángel Alonso Neira, David Howden, Gabriel Calzada, Javier Aranzadi del Cerro, Óscar Vara Crespo, Adrián Ravier, Juan Ramón Rallo, María Blanco and Miguel Anxo Bastos, most of whom he has supervised in their respective doctoral theses.[22] The economist Leland B. Yeung, who is the author of the book The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency, is the author of the book The Theory of Dynamic Efficiency.

Economist Leland B. Yeager has cited Huerta de Soto as an example of contempt in economics. Yeager claims that Soto despises general equilibrium theory, citing a passage in which Soto refers to the “pernicious analysis” of equilibrium prices at “the intersection of mysterious curves or functions that lack real existence … even in the minds of the actors involved”.

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Surfing the net, instead of visiting the usual links and following the beaten paths, I ventured down an unknown path and found a world that I admit I never even imagined existed. The things that the neoliberal mesnadas say in the tribunes and gatherings, explained in a classroom of

He cites interest groups that get government aid, such as farmers, miners, feminists, mistreated women. He does not include among these pressure groups neither the banks nor the big corporations. He says that the politician can do whatever he wants, what he does not say is that the politician does what the economic power tells him to do. To support his thesis he says that a civil servant does not gamble his money (a doctor is also a civil servant and I prefer that he does not gamble his money). Those of Union Carbide in Bophal were not civil servants, nor those of Tepco in Fukushima. Civil servants always want more money and power, contradicting what is said about them in times of prosperity, that they have no great aspirations and that they sacrifice money for economic security.

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